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  • Play to Earn FOR PC & VR
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Play to earn FOR PC & VR
NFT Trading
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What is

MetaStorm is a blockchain based FPS VR shooter with a huge collection of modern weapons that players can use to equip, level up, complete missions and earn tokens.

Each player has the opportunity to build battle maps, collect weapons and even steal unique tokens from other players

MetaStorm also works as the basis for developing your own FPS project with any ideas. And the reason for it is that MetaStorm includes many functions: weapons, projectiles, uniforms, characters, various game modes, etc.


Several types of NFT BOXes will give players various advantages in the game, such as exclusive weapons and equipment, the ability to unlock specific skills (such as a missile strike, call for a helicopter, etc.), the ability to open new maps for battles, the ability to move to a new play tier with more strong rivals.

BOX Weapon
BOX Outfit
BOX Skills
BOX New Card Opening
BOX game level
Metaverse of MetaStorm

In MetaStorm you can play not only from your PC, but also feel a complete immersion in the game using VR.

VR allows a player to become a part of the game world, get used to the role of his/her character and feel and understand the story of the game most deeply.


The game concept includes several game modes, one of the modes is to create your own map for play to earn tokens. Players can create their own cards and earn tokens when other players visit them.

Players can create guilds and fight each other in order to steal the lands. Guilds can build their houses, headquarters, etc.

  • Build your own map to play and earn
Token $MEST
Maximum supply = 500,000,000
  • Used to complete missions with rare drops of NFT tokens.
  • Conducting in-game events
  • Bet for receiving weekly rewards in the form of $MEST and NFT tokens.
  • Conducting major tournaments among guilds
  • Purchase of land in the metaverse or NFT token sets.
  • Makes it possible to receive rewards for the game to open new cards
  • Used in different game modes
  • Used to buy and upgrade weapons.
Q2 - Q4 2021
  • — Conclusion of commercial agreements with strategic investors and a development group
  • — Development of marketing materials for private investors
  • — Seed Sale
  • — Conclusion of new partnerships
  • — Website launch
Q1 2022
  • — Conducting a marketing campaign to develop the community
  • — Private Sale
  • — Public Sale
  • — MEST Token Listing
  • — Pre-alpha Release
Q2 2022
  • — Creation of a game Marketplace
  • — Closed beta version release
  • — Carrying out NFT sale
  • — Open Beta version: human game intelligence, weapon swap, dive mode, laser sight
  • — Conducting of Metaverse land sale
Q3 2022
  • — Early access to the Metaverse
  • — Full 3D models
  • — Release of new NFT tokens: map, weapon skin
  • — Weapon upgrade function
Q4 2022 (October)
  • — MetaStorm 1.0 version
  • — IOS & Android Application

MetaStorm is a team of over 20 people who have a strong passion for both gaming and blockchain. Most of the team members have over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, and the team also has a wide experience in the field of virtual development. Blockchain is about to revolutionize the gaming world and the MetaStorm team wants to make the most possible input into this industry.